War on Talent: Obstacles to Hiring Top Talent

War on Talent

Getting Ahead in the War on Talent

The war on talent is growing and the challenges companies face continue to include; everyone is going after the top talent, there is not enough top talent, and top talent is not looking for new jobs. Recent research by Korn Ferry has indicated that the potential deficient in global talent supply will reach 10.7 million workers by 2030. It will be crucial for companies to stay ahead of the talent shortage but using a traditional approach to the talent acquisition process can get in the way.

Obstacles to Hiring Top Talent

  • Too much red tape. Talent acquisitions is a complicated process of processes that keep organizations from hiring the best people.
  • Traditional search tools are ineffective. Top talent doesn’t respond to the traditional search tools like job posts and when you meet top talent through networking there is never a job open.
  • A company’s ability to be nimble and adjust when top talent is available will find they are better prepared for future hiring needs. Nimble companies can take a more proactive approach to talent acquisition.
  • Hiring for right now. Instead companies should hire for the future. 100% of roles will change in the future. Companies that can hire top talent before they need it, will be in better shape to increase productivity and adjust to changing markets in the future.
  • Hiring after a position is open. Continuous hiring is needed in order to stop playing catch. Adopting a recruiting first culture to support continuous hiring allows companies to be proactive and get in front of talent challenges.

As the talent market gets younger, the values and priorities of top talent shift, making it even more important for companies to be able to adjust and stay ahead of talent challenges. By removing the red tape from the process and being more nimble companies can create a recruiting first culture that will give them a competitive advantage as roles change and top talent becomes harder to find. Learn more about how Adam Bryce can help you get ahead.