AI and Blockchain are Calling for Women

Women in tech make up only 20% of the workforce, even though they comprise 51% of the population – but the numbers are changing, and women are gaining ground. Some figures suggest that a diverse workforce can result in a 35% increase in profitability for a company. A recent Forbes article details some of the changes in up and coming Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain companies.

AI and Blockchain are typically male dominated industries that need to recruit diversity in order to employ inclusive practices. This article highlights women holding founder and C-Suite positions in tech companies to show the difference they are making in this industry. Just one example is Lianne Thompson, Founder and CEO of Aquaai, a company using AI to help save the oceans. She calls out all top executives to communicate the values of inclusion and diversity in the field: “Strong and unbiased leadership that treats women fairly means having positive corporate cultural values that are communicated from the top down. Leading with kindness and mutual respect on a peer to peer level puts a focus on character over gender.”

These influential women represent the changes that need to be made in the workforce.

At Adam Bryce, a female owned and operated business, certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, we take diversity seriously and placing diverse candidates into executive technology roles is our priority.