Adobe is setting the stage for equal pay

Adobe has made pay parity a priority in their day to day operations. As of October 2018 they reached their pay parity goals between men and women across the globe. They define pay parity as “ensuring that employees in the same job and location are paid fairly to one another, regardless of their gender or ethnicity”. Adobe has an ongoing initiative to keep their workforce fair and inclusive. They have made efforts to attract diverse candidates, transparent about benefits, and very open about their equality initiatives.

So what’s next for Adobe? Opportunity parity. Going a step above and beyond just equal pay is equal opportunities ensuring employees are offered equal opportunities to grow and advance in the company regardless of their gender or ethnicity, which is just as important. Adobe reports that other companies struggle with the size and scope of diversity and inclusion initiatives, but Adobe says pay parity is something companies of all sizes can do, and we agree.

To read more about Adobe’s pay and opportunity parity initiatives click here or here.

Here at Adam Bryce, we focus on diversity in the tech industry and are excited to see how Adobe continues to lead the industry in terms of diversity and inclusion. As a female owned and operated business, certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council we believe diversity sparks innovation and diversity helps achieve competitive advantages.