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Adam-Bryce has a strong commitment to people, whether clients, candidates, employees or more broadly ‘humanity’. Adam-Bryce actively seeks to support people in developing and enhancing the quality of their lives. Individual Adam-Bryce employees also participate locally and nationally in various philanthropic organizations.

Adam-Bryce is working collaboratively and in support of Girl Rising. Girl Rising is a recent documentary--though not just a film, rather a global movement and campaign for girls’ education. The documentary relates the true stories of nine young girls, who found their way to an education from the harshest of conditions.  The impact of education changed their circumstances and forever their lives. The movement to make education more broadly available is driven by 10x10 Productions, a not-for-profit organization based in New York City.

Adam-Bryce Scholarship Fund Supporting the Education of Girls

Adam-Bryce has chosen to help this movement for girls' education with donations to a scholarship program. Adam-Bryce will contribute up to 3% of each retained placement to the fund and our clients are invited to match the donation. The scholarship fund is administered by 10x10 Production for assignment to selected girls. Adam-Bryce welcomes exploratory discussions with all parties interested in supporting this global initiative to educate women.

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