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Adam-Bryce targets Female Diversity Recruiting

—August 23, 2013—Nadine Rubin, Managing Director of Executive Search firm Adam-Bryce, has a bee in her bonnet. Those of you that know her know what that means.  For those of you that don't you are about to find out. For the past 32 years Ms. Rubin has focused her career to recruit top technology talent for her clients.  Of late, she has been noticing that there is a great need for women executives to be given support and sponsorship; to enable them to break through the glass ceiling in corporate America. In today's workforce women comprise ~40% of the workforce which is a great thing.  What isn't as terrific is that of that 40%, less than 3% make it into the "C" suite.

What can we as responsible corporate citizens do to speed this change?

There are many programs out there today dealing with diversity in the workforce.  Particular emphasis has been placed on recruiting and nurturing minorities in technology so that they can gain entry into the management ranks.  But once they get there, what's next.  How do you survive and prosper in a culture that is predominately not diverse?  How do you move up the ranks and what does it mean to you and your peers? How does your diversity effect your ability to communicate and add value to the teams that you are a part of?  How are you perceived?  Who is coaching and sponsoring these changes?

Nadine has started a not-for-profit networking group of executive women, targeted at the Vice President level and above, called Papilio Group.  Visit the website for more information or contact Nadine directly  

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