Adam-Bryce Executive Search, LLC.

delivering results

successfully completing each search

Our goal is to successfully complete each of our searches within 100 days. Below is a timeline provided as a quick overview of the joint deliverables we will need to accomplish in order to meet this mutual goal.

Stage 1
Days 1–15
Stage 2
Days 15–45
Stage 3
Days 45–80
Stage 4
Days 80–100
Position profile written
Research and candidate identification
Review data from previously known sources
Candidate development and recruiting
Prospective candidates interviewed by Adam Bryce
Candidate assessments forwarded to client
Candidates scheduled for client interviews
Recruiting continues
Candidates presented by Adam Bryce and interviewed by client
Second round of candidate/client interviews
Spousal house hunting (if required)
References checked
Degrees verified
Offer negotiated
Offer made
Delivering Results
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